When it comes to defining my personal style, I would say that I usually opt for the boho-chic look; with slouchy knits, skinny jeans and then a staple piece. Being a university student I find enormous amounts of inspiration for my own person style; such as passers-by in the street or just the environment around me. However I must confess that unfortunately my wardrobe consists largely of clothing which can tackle any weather, as British weather has proven persistently to be unreliable. Yet I still feel compelled to mix and match unusual items, putting my own touch on a look. I would though recommend that you just wear what makes you feel good and comfortable and then work from there with different textures and colours. I hope you find my style inspiring and leave me a comment telling me what inspires you throughout your day-to-day routine.



  1. Love the lace top on the luscious lace section. I also loved the bold red dress for the NYE. Great style!



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