Welcome to my personal blog which documents my life as a British primary school teacher and photography lover. I'm currently undertaking my Post Graduate Certificate of Education whilst teaching a fantastic class of year 1's. However when I'm not teaching, I like to make memories with my loved ones, drink green tea and take long walks. I have been smitten with my love, Ben for four years and counting, he makes me so happy and is the biggest inspiration to me.

Since I started my blog I have developed a greater appreciation for photography and capturing all those moments, however big or small. I find inspiration in a variety things, from architecture, museums, restaurants, interior design and street style. On my blog you'll discover my world, the way I see it through my Nikon D3100. I am Kate, the blogger, photographer, wander-luster, fashion lover, foodie and student. One day I want to be able to tick off all the places I want to travel to on my bucket list. 

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