Monday, May 22

The Weekend in IV

{May 19th - May 21st}

Friday night is the time to sit back and grab a G&T whilst soaking up the setting sunbeams. This weekend has been extremely busy, apart from sipping on iced G&T with Ben, I have spent hours (and I mean hours) in the hairdresser's getting my hair coloured. However I can't complain as it's always lovely to sit for countless hours having mugs of tea made for you whilst you catch up on the latest novel. After enjoying an all-time favourite: the conditioning head massage, I ventured out into the windy streets of the village, trying to tame my newly fluffed-up golden locks. 

Saturday night was an awesome night, laughing and talking with friends until the early hours; we devoured delicious food made by my bestie and planned our up-and-coming girls' city break. (All will be revealed in a week's time -- eeeeek!).


Standard Sunday tradition followed a late night, where I made homemade pancakes for Ben and myself, along with a cappuccino. There is literally nothing better than a lazy morning doing some baking and listening to a Spotify Sunday playlist in a snuggly dressing gown. I know I may sound as though I spoil my dog, and I think there is a very high possibility that I do - but I also make sure that Harry has 2 soft boiled eggs every Sunday mashed up with butter. 

After being adequately fuelled for the day ahead, we got ourselves spick-and-span (so to speak) and I took Harry for a walk in the wilderness with my friend from work and her dog, Poppy. Last time I took Harry for a walk with my friend J from work, Harry ended up running ahead and we lost him for what felt like an eternity.

Anyway, here we are, Monday morning, a morning after a probably-too-big roast dinner and back at work. However I am so excited for this weekend coming up, when me and my friends go away ... stay tuned :)

Kate xo

Wednesday, May 17


A while ago I attended a conference on self-awareness, an idea which I have toyed with and briefly considered throughout my early career, yet I never actually reflected on it with regards to myself. Self-awareness is such a vital part to my life, both at work and with family/friends and I feel that through mindfulness I have been more able to focus on the moment and celebrate what is currently making me happy.

So, the main question is, what is self-awareness?
Self-awareness is the ability of an individual to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. As humans, we have the responsibility to respond to how we are working and how this can be improved. It is important to be self-aware in order to develop yourself in any aspect of your life, work, social, personal. 

In a fast-paced world filled with deadlines, targets and the judgements of others; it is vital to take a step back from this all and reflect on yourself. To be a effective blogger, student, doctor, graphic designer (etc. - the list could go on); you need to be able to take a look inwards at what you are doing right and what could be improved to make yourself even better. 

However there is a fine line between being self-aware and overly critical, with the distinction between the two being that self-awareness is where the positives are highly celebrated and focused on. Whereas when you are being critical of yourself, you are focusing on the negatives. I therefore aim to keep this self-awareness in mind in whatever I do, being able to stay positive and celebrating the little things. 

So maybe a new thing that you could start doing, as I have, is to everyday write a list of three things that went well. By doing this, I will be reflecting on what I have done and how I want to continue doing this to further better myself and impact on others around me. 

Something that you may be interesting in watching is this short video on self-awareness which focuses on the 'Ladder of Inference'. This video discusses the importance of being self-aware and knowing what has influenced the way you are thinking and acting. To know this, you will then be able to be much more mindful of how to react to situations. TED videos are fascinating and have thousands of inspirational videos!

Sunday, May 14

Like, Realising Stuff

2016 ... what a year.

It's been what feels like an eternity of not blogging. There have been times where I have considered re-entering the blogosphere and rebooting my long lost love for photography. I am ashamed to say that my Nikon DSLR even collected a considerable amount of dust during my time of not blogging. Thankfully, I have buckled up the courage to dust off my Nikon, recharge my battery and re-energise my shutterbug hobby. 

Without going into too much detail, and writing far too much which I am sure would be tiresome to read, I have been through a lot in 2016. With starting a new job, embarking on a Masters and loosing my mother to lung cancer. 2016 was an extremely emotional year, it was what I consider to be a turning point in my short-lived, 23 year life. I have learned a lot from my heartbreak, anguish and difficulties. I have learned that I need to just be me. And when I boiled it down to what truly makes me happy, I realised as though my new job had stolen my thirst for photography and writing. However I continued to pursue the new job thinking that through not blogging I would be okay, as though I could live without enjoying doing something I love; something I started back in University. Yet, when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, my life seemed to flip, I started to feel as though I'd been living to work and not working to live. I realised that I needed to spend more time with my family, friends and investing in memories. 

Blogging for me is my creative outlet, it's my passion. When I say I felt as though something was missing, I almost had a feeling as though I had lost a piece of myself. I typed in my URL and through clicking through the links to previous blog posts, I remembered what it was like to be carefree, to live life in the moment and to put me first. So, after many moments of thought, I have finally decided to do what is right for me, to blog. 

I am so excited for what is ahead and I intend for my blog to be a raw and honest diary of my perspective on life. I want to start vlogging, as well as documenting my journey as I and my fiancĂ© renovate our Victorian home. I want to share my favourite and original recipes. I want to photograph wildlife. I want to do what I want, and for me that is blogging.

I can't wait to share my journey with you, and for those of you who I have lost touch with over the past year, it's a happy hello and welcome to my life. So, let 2017 be a year of continuing to like, realising stuff. 

Kate xo