Review: Essie Off The Shoulder

In desperate need of a pop of pink nail polish to wear in the summer, I ordered from my favourite nail polish brand, Essie. Not only do I adore Essie for their cute, sophisticated packaging, but they have such a wide range of colours, pinks of all different shades, reds of all different shades and so on. However, feeling particularly summery, I went all out and ordered Off The Shoulder which is such a girly pink. I absolutely adore the colour and also the names which Essie gives to its products; with them always being original and quirky. Yet, when talking of nail polishes, nothing compares to the quality of Essie polishes, as you literally only need one coating of their deliciously gorgeous polishes and then you're done; for about 5 days to a week (with no chips/cracks!) However I do understand that the price holds a lot of people back from indulging in the Essie polishes, but at least purchase an Essie nail polish which is in your favourite colour so you don't feel so bad on your bank!


  1. I love this brand of polishes

  2. Hello from Spain, point well taken. Keep in touch

  3. Que bonito el color! besos

  4. Essie it's a great product. The color is beautiful and I agree nothing compare to Essie quality.

  5. Beautiful color!

  6. Que bonito color.


  7. I love this brand!

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