Sunday, June 2

Beauty Travel Essentials

I think that when travelling it is always important to have some beauty product on hand in case of an urgent need of moisture for the skin or just a lovely perfume to make you feel refreshened. So I have compiled four of my currently favourite beauty travel essentials.

1 Origins Drink Up mask will hydrate your skin back to silky, soft perfection. It's easy to apply and works in ten minutes, great for those on the go, especially on a plane as your skin gets dried out.

2 Clinique's All About Eyes will compliment the Origins Drink Up mask by soothing your eye area and giving your eyes extra moisture, leaving them feeling awake and refreshed.

3 Benefit Cosmetics High Beam is the solution to all of your skin problems, dash a speck of High Beam on both cheek bones and maybe even the bridge of your nose and voila(!) skin is left with a healthy glow.

4 A spritze of Elie Saab La Parfum Eau De Parfum will give you a burst of fruitiness due to the radiant orange blossom extract and the 30ml bottle will be a perfect size for travelling. 


  1. I love Clinique products!
    Join my Oasap giveaway and win an item of your choice! xoxo

  2. Very nice choices sweetie!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  3. Lovely post...

  4. nice post! I like the products :)


  5. I love her perfum

  6. El High beam es precioso!^^ besos

  7. Oh I love's making me want to pack up a suitcase and head out!

  8. I lobe high beam! <3

    BTW, nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know. I always follow back :)

  9. I've always wanted to try the high beam - does it really work?

    Corinne x

    1. Hello Corinne,
      I would highly recommend Benefit High Beam, it works so well!
      It's a great colour as it gives you a slight rose chick whilst also highlighting your cheekbones.
      Definitely a beauty travel essential!
      Hope this helps;
      Kate xo

  10. Thanks for sharing dear :)
    I love the parfume <3
    Chic Swank


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