Wednesday, May 22

The Hair Series Part I

When it comes to hair, I am always trying out different styles or going back to my all time favourite looks. As part of my hair series, I thought that I would start off with a simple, yet stylish look; the bun. One of the great things about trying new hair styles is popping over to YouTube, gaining tips and tricks from others and then incorporating this into your own way of styling your precious mane. This is when I came across Boohoo's videos which are fantastic; I am such a fan of their clothes and to find out they did hair styling videos (& more!) I was pretty smitten. I think the messy, oversized bun is a great way of getting your hair out of your face and accentuating a particular item of clothing or jewellery. A messy bun is also a great solution to those hot summer days when you want to keep cool and avoid damaging your hair in the sea or swimming pool. I hope you find this video as helpful as I did!


  1. I always find myself looking at videos like this but I never try them, for once, I might actually do this my own too. Thanks for this! :)

  2. I am the total opposite of you....I rarely try out new things with my hair. I am scared whatever I do will mess my hair out. I need to step out of my little box.

    Super cute blog. I am going to follow you on GFC and bloglovin'. I would love for you to follow back.

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  3. Honestly, I rarely do stuff on my hair. :)) 'cause I think I don't look good if my hair is up. :))
    Would try this someday.

  4. your look is the best!!

    Have a nice day!
    I am waiting for you dear!!


  5. U look very cute! Nice hairstyle :)

  6. this post is a great idea! im always stuck on how to wear my hair xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this great video. I will trying out your great tips.

    If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest.

  8. Ahhhh accidentally spent a fortune on boohoo yesterday!
    This looks really cute, I'm definitely going to try it out :)
    Lovely post as always xxxxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  9. Hello from Spain, interesting video. I like your hairstyle. Keep in touch

  10. so cute

  11. This post is a great :) . I always look your blog :) .

  12. Tu es super jolie :)

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    Coline ♡

  13. following u on twitter and instagram! :D

    you're so cute

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  14. Me gusta ver estos vídeos! besos

  15. It seems cool!
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  16. Love this hairstyle. I'll also try it.
    Wanna follow each other?
    I am very happy, if you have a look at my blog.♥


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