British Beauty

Due to my brother being back from Barcelona to spend time with the family over the Easter break, we decided to drive up to the Lake District. The 'Lakes' is a place where I have many childhood memories, from sledging, eating countless chips, snuggling up with a hot chocolate and hiking up mountains. We don't visit the Lakes as much due to us all being so busy, but I was delighted we went there for a day out. There was snow on the higher mountains - I know in Spring there's snow! I do love the Lakes, it is such a breathtakingly beautiful place, picturesque scenery ... it really is the definition of British countryside. Brrr just looking at these photos makes me want to go make a hot cocoa!


  1. Then its really awesome that your brother decided to come back, hence the really nice day out at such picturesquare view! Yes, a cup of hot cocoa would be simply perfect!


  2. Good mORNIG DEAR!
    I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY AND I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MORE Time to visit it.....,( money also!!)but one day i hope i can fly all around the world( before i will too old!! ) :D!!
    Have a rich day of exeperiences!!

  3. Great landscape!!
    Relax and enjoy the weekend :)

  4. Great pictures! :]

    ♡ E.

  5. I heard that Lakes Disctrict is one of the most beautiful places in England. it would be nice to see more photos of it.

  6. Que sitio tan bonito!!!


  7. Wow! What a beautyful post! Love this landscape- so calm and majestic!
    Xo Ann from


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