This Week

{TomCat likes to pester me whilst I'm busy blogging or working.}
This week has been unusually chaotic, University work is now officially back in full swing; demanding nearly every second of my time and demanding every single ounce of concentration. However I am not complaining, I do enjoy my University work and seeing my friends, yet it can get a little stressful trying to read heaps of articles every week. Apart from that I have been making full use of my gym membership, determined to keep fit and healthy. February however is such a tease, when you finally feel like your out of winter's grasp and the sun starts to shine, the clouds quickly assemble and have a downpour of rain. How I love British weather!
{The weather has finally decided to improve (for about an hour)! Spring cannot come soon enough.}
{Oo I do hope so wise fortune cookie.}
{Nostalgic preppy style with my jewelled headband.}
{Flamboyant flowers out in full bloom already.}


  1. love!


    -S Xx


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